Expert Air Source Heat Pump Installers

Reduce carbon, save energy, and opt for a sustainable and efficient way to heat your home. Get £7,500 towards the cost with government grants. 

UK-wide air source heat pump installers

We are one of the UK’s leading MCS-certified air source heat pump installers owned by EDF, the UK’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity.

With over 20 years of experience installing heat pumps, we know the importance of finding the right installer, and what can go wrong if you don’t.

Our comprehensive design, expert installation, and seamless process make it easy, start to finish.

We’ve installed thousands of heat pumps across the UK. Rated ‘Excellent’ by our customers, find out how we can transform your home’s heating & hot water.

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Worry less about keeping warm

Moving away from traditional boilers to modern heat pumps isn’t just about embracing cutting-edge technology—it’s about making a positive impact on the planet while worrying less about staying warm.

Air source heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air and use that heat for your heating & water. Unlike oil or gas, you’re not relying on fossil fuels, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

With year-round comfort and energy efficiency 300% greater than conventional heating methods, it’s no surprise UK homeowners are switching to an air source heat pump.

The benefits of an air source heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps offer significant benefits compared to traditional methods of heating water & and homes. Here are some key advantages:

Save Energy

An air source heat pump is up to 300% more efficient than a traditional boiler.

Reduce Carbon

 Heat pumps reduce your homes carbon footprint by up to 73% when compared to gas.

Less Hassle

They are quiet, easy to use, and rarely need any further maintenance, once installed.

Choosing an accredited & experienced installer

A well-installed heat pump system is essential for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Not only saving you money in the long run but also ensuring you get optimal performance and longevity from your system.

Choosing the wrong installer can result in inadequate performance, high energy bills, and potential problems.

All our installations go through an extensive design process.

Furthermore, all of our installers have undergone rigorous training via The HPIN Academy.

Average air source heat pump installation costs based on home size

The costs below are inclusive of the £7,500 grant available, either through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme for England and Wales, or the Home Energy Grant for Scotland.

2 Bed Bungalow

Average Price = £5,300

3 Bed Semi

Average Price = £6,100

4 Bed Detached

Average Price = £7,200

Spread the cost into manageable monthly repayments

Relax. Don’t worry about funding the upfront cost to get a better heating solution for your home. With financing options available, it’s never been easier to switch over to an air-source heat pump.

Discover an illustrative finance example on an average heat pump install for a 3-bed semi-detached house, costing £5,500 (£13,000 before the government BUS grant). Credit is subject to status and affordability.

2 Year plan
Cash price £13,000
Government grant (BUS) - £7,500
Balance £5,500
Deposit (15%) £825
Credit amount £4,675
Interest n/a
Total amount payable (inc deposit) £5,500.00
Number of repayments 24
APR 0%
Monthly payment amount £194.79

Ready to make the switch?

We make the process easy from start to finish. Taking care of all the paperwork, including grant application and ensuring your installation is MCS certified.

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