The Future of Heat Pumps in the UK

The use of heat pumps for hot water and heating is well-established in many countries in Central and Northern Europe, as well as in the US and Canada. Among them, Sweden and Switzerland stand out as the countries where heat pumps are most commonly used. Large countries such as France and Germany also have mature heat pump markets, utilizing them successfully for dwelling heating.

The UK, though, doesn’t. Why? Will it be like that forever? This post will address this as well as more questions regarding heat pumps in the UK, focusing on the drives and challenges they’ll have to face in the near future.

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What is the situation of heat pumps in the uk now?

The heating system stock on the UK currently relies on gas systems. In fact, 85% of all the heating systems operating are gas boilers. The UK is the biggest boiler market in Europe, with about 1.5 million gas boilers being installed each year. Renewable heating, on the other hand, represents 2% of the heating systems in the UK with heat pumps making up 1%. Air source heat pumps are considerably more common than ground source heat pumps.

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