The top 5 heat pump problems and solutions

If you’re looking for an economically clean, financially beneficial heating system that is going to last, well then a heat pump might just be the perfect choice for you.

To make that choice, here we outline 5 common heat pump problems and solutions.


1. Sudden Loss of Heat

If your heat pump suddenly stops producing heat, don’t panic. The problem could be something that’s easily solvable such as adjusting the thermostat. Before anything else, this is something to be checked first, ensuring the heat pump is turned on and set to heat. You never know, someone in your household could have intended on temporarily switching the heat pump off, forgetting to switch it back on.

If you recently replaced your thermostat, this could also be the root of the problem. In this case, the thermostat may be the wrong type, or may have been wire incorrectly. Alternatively, if it isn’t the thermostate, the issue could be the lack of power caused by a tripped circuit – so you may need to check and reset the circuit breaker.

If your heat pump is still not working, contact us to schedule a call from our expert technicians.


2. Not enough heat

If you find that your heat pump isn’t warming your home as much as you’d like, then it could be down to a dirty air filter or faulty parts. Reduced airflow decreases system performance and can damage the compressor. We definitely recommend inspecting your air filter once a month, especially during the months where you tend to use the heat pump more. It is advised to check your heat pump’s care guide for model-specific instructions on how to replace or clean air filters if this is the case.

Other possible causes of a heat pump’s insufficient heat production may include potentially blocked air ducts, faulty valves or poor refrigerant flow.


3. Blowing Cold Air

If you feel cold air coming from your air vents whilst your heat pump’s fan is running, there may be an issue with the heat pump’s thermostat. It’s best to not assume the worst, however. It is possible that a heat pump may go into a short defrost mode to prevent icing up. This means that there could be an output of cold air, but only temporarily.

However, if your heat pump is producing cooler air than usual, try setting the thermostat to emergency heat to see if warm air flows out the vents. If you do feel warm air, then the issue is with the outdoor unit. If not, you may have an air handler or defective thermostat to blame.

When inspecting the your outdoor unit, look for any frost or ice which may be forming on the outdoor coil of the unit itself. It may indicate a defective control module, defective defroster timer, or it could be low on refrigerant. Ensure you also check that the airflow to the unit isn’t restricted by grass or weeds.

A faulty compressor valve or refrigerant flow issue could also cause problem of the heat pump blowing out cold air.


4. Incorrect Cycling

If your heat pump is on an off and on cycle, it could be overheating. This would be due to a malfunctioning blower or even a clogged air filter – cleaning or changing the air filter may solve this problem.

Another cause would like be the system’s thermostat which could simply need new batters or be out of place. Other issues with the thermostat aren’t as east to fix and are best left to a professional technical. If you find this to be the issue, contact us – we’re always here to help.

If the heat pump is running non-stop, the thermostat may be set too high. For example – in extremely cold temperatures, your heat pump must work a lot harder in order to keep your home warm. Setting the thermostat to a lower temperature to save it some effort may be the solution.


5. Making Unusual Noises

Rattling – if you hear this sound coming from your heat pump, it could be an out-of-place register or loose hardware. If the cover panels are not screwed on as tight as they should be, make sure to tighten them

Grinding or Squealing – make sure to turn off your heat pump immediately and call us to schedule a service visit. This could indicate a more serious issue, such as worn-out motor bearings.

If you’re unsure on the unusual sound your heat pump is making, don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course the sooner we’re able to locate the problem and fix it, the better!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01255 821443. Alternatively, you can fill out a call-back request form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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