The 10 myths about heat pumps

Myth #1: “Heat pumps are too expensive!”

Are Heat Pumps too expensive? The initial outlay of an air source heat pump isn’t cheap, however with the help of the government you can immediately save £7,500 on upfront costs. Meaning not only are you upgrading your heating system but you are doing so at an incredibly discounted price! And if you’d like to see the pricing for heat pumps then check out here , we don’t hide our prices!

Myth #2: “Air source heat pumps are noisy!”

Are Heat Pumps Noisy? When heat pumps came to the market for the first time they were quite noisy and unappealing. Modern air source heat pumps use the latest in noise reduction technology and energy efficiency enhancement. So to bust this myth, the noise produced by a heat pump is around 40 decibels, which is the equivalent of a whisper.

Myth #3: “Heat pumps are not efficient during cold winters!”

Do Heat Pumps work during cold winters? Its fair to assume that judging by the name, that heat pumps only work when its hot. This however is not the case, despite the name a heat pump doesn’t need hot air to work, in fact all it needs is for the surrounding air to be above -26 degrees. That’s right, even in weather as cold -26 degrees it’ll work. Its no coincidence that a country as cold as Sweden has the highest percentage of heat pumps. It’d be pretty foolish of them to install one in almost every home if they didn’t work in the cold.

Myth #4: “Heat pumps need to stay on all the time!”

Do heat pumps need to stay on all the time? If your house has proper insulation and your Heat Pump is installed correctly. This means you’ll have the ability to turn it on and off whenever you find necessary. The difference is that heat pumps gradually heat your house meaning that you can keep your house at your desired temperature instead of your houses temperature constantly fluctuating.

Myth #5: “Heat pumps only work with underfloor heating!”

Do heat pumps only work with underfloor heating? A heat pump is more efficient if connected to an underfloor heating system. However many houses use heat pumps with radiators as opposed to underfloor heating. In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your air source heat pump, it is recommended to use large radiators over traditional ones. 

Myth #6: “A heat pump can only be installed in new buildings!”

A Heat Pump can be installed in any property, from old victorian houses to brand new modern houses. No matter the property a heat pump can be fitted. Usually when it comes to older houses a heat loss report must be carried out and usually improvements on the house’s insulation too.

Myth #7: “Heat pumps take up a lot of space!”

Do heat pumps take up a lot of space? Quite the contrary since most of the components of a heat pump are hidden from view and the actual unit itself is outside. So it takes up just as much space as a regular heating system. In fact compared to biomass it takes up no space at all.


Myth #8: “Heat pumps are used for heating only!”

Are Heat Pumps purely used for heating? Heat pumps can be used for both heating and air conditioning. Heat pumps come equipped with a reversing valve, this means that the process is reversed. When turned, instead of heating it will cool instead. However this only applies to air to air heat pumps, not air to water heat pumps.

Myth #9: “A heat pump needs frequent maintenance work!”

When it comes to a heat pump, the phrase is ‘fit it and forget it’! Since heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels it means that it won’t randomly stop working and you being left without heating for 4 days. Heat pumps simply need a service every 2 years as opposed to boilers giving constant trouble.

Myth #10: “Heat pumps are money wasters!”

Are Heat Pumps a waste of money? Heat Pumps can provide up to 60% savings on your heating bill. Another important factor to consider when evaluating the cost of an ASHP installation is the amount you can save right now! The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) is a government backed incentive that gives you an immediate £7,500 off your upfront costs. So not only are you upgrading your heating system but you are doing it at a massively discounted price!

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