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Jamie Ansell

HPIN Training Manager

About Jamie Ansell

Raised in a family business, my journey in the industry was practically destined. School holidays meant assisting my Dad on building sites, handing him tools, and evenings were spent meticulously poring over drawings, counting bends and pipework to estimate the next job. These experiences instilled in me the values of hard work, determination, organisation, and the importance of effective communication.

After completing my A levels, faced with the choice between university and joining the family business, the decision was clear. I stepped onto construction sites, simultaneously pursuing my apprenticeship. Two decades in the plumbing and heating industry laid the groundwork for my professional journey.

Fast forward to starting my own family, and a new chapter unfolded – one that unexpectedly led me into education. Initially a temporary measure to spend time with my growing children during school holidays, I found my calling in teaching plumbing. This led me to earn a degree in education and swiftly rise to the positions of senior lecturer and head of mechanical and electrical services.

Always passionate about the environment, renewable technologies in the industry held a special place in my heart. Enter Clayton Browne, MD of CB Heating and the Heat Pump Installer Network. My initial plan was to secure a free heat pump for the college, but I was immediately captivated by the business, its people, and their values.

My interest was further piqued upon learning about the Heat Pump Installer Network's plans to establish a Heat Pump Academy, aiming to upskill the industry and expand the installer network. Since my time at the HPIN Academy, we've successfully upskilled hundreds of installers, educating them on the benefits and future of air source heat pumps. Through HPIN, we've provided installation opportunities, contributing to the UK's net-zero goals.

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Reviewed by Jamie Ansell

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